New Leader Promoting (CLOSED)

Since the leaving of Cat5, LightningClan would need a new leader. I am now promoting a new leader. By wanting to be a leader, please read below:
By making a new leader, please copy the words below, and than change it:
Name of Cat: (Make sure it ends with star)
Gender: (Male or female)
Appearance: (Description of cat, like what color, eye color, markings etc.)
Any other Info: (Anything important or info of your cat)
Make sure to make a page of your cat, or if you don't want to, its fine.
If you DO make a page of your cat, and your cat isn't chosen as leader, you can either change the last name of your cat from star to something else, or you can request for deletion if you don't want to roleplay this cat.
All cats will be dued soon!