• Kasara


    October 2, 2015 by Kasara

    Alright, so a few people have been mentioning to me that they want this Wikia more active, and I'm here to do my best to make that possible. First of all, I will give you all a few hints. 

    1. You need major and fun plots in any of the Clans (I've already set one up in AquaClan, and I'll explain about that in a bit)
    2. You need more users, and you need to make the wikia seem like a fun place.
    3. Add chararts, spoof clans, games, etc.
    4. Code the wikia a bit, make it a little fancier. That's what most people do to get attractions to their wikia. 
    5. Get VERY active users who are on most of the time, and can multitask easily. 

    Not saying any of you admins or the founder has to do this, but it's just a few ideas to get you started with making the wikia a better p…

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  • A10


    July 14, 2015 by A10

    Hi guys. 

    Here I will tell you about roleplaying.

    Roleplaying can be found on a Clans talk page. You can roleplay your cat there. You can talk and do Clan meetings there, to. You can be a cat from another Clan sneak into another Clans camp or territory. If you do, you can do that on the other Clan your sneaking into. 

    If you want more info, tell me!

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  • A10

    Hi guys! 

    I think its time we would make Chat Moderator request! Post in the comments if you would like to be one.

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  • A10


    June 23, 2015 by A10

    Hi, its me A10. I have adopted this wiki and the wiki will be working.

    Thanks. ~A10

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  • A10

    Idea for the Wiki

    June 13, 2015 by A10

    You know that thing on the top of every wiki? Ours says The Warrior Cat Clans Wiki. Soon when I adopt this wiki, why not we add a picture like other wikis do:

    If you have other ideas for pictures, show below!

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  • A10


    June 9, 2015 by A10

    Hey! A10 again, and I would like to announce that all pages will need to look alike.

    Heres hwo it works:

    Our Clan pages will have to be like the FlameClan page.

    Our character pages will have to be like the Bloodstar page.


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  • A10

    Old Templates Boxes

    June 9, 2015 by A10

    Hey! A10 here, and I have an important message to say:

    I'll be adding newer and better template boxes. If you own any Clan pages, and you see the updated template box, please edit it. I may remove some stuff from the templates. So i'm gonna get the template boxes in newer shapes. I'll do some updated.


    The Clans infobox is having a weird glitch. Please instead of using that, look on WebClan for how to make a Clan page without the infobox. Thanks!


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  • A10

    Ello! Its A10, the "cat" who is adopting this wiki! Well, anyways, everyone who's active, read below:

    When I joined, people were inactive but 1 user who's still on. Nobody has been joining Clans and making fanfics and no Clan action going. Whoever is becoming admin when I adopt this wiki, I would like if you guys join a Clan. This wiki is about joining a Clan and being in Clan life. We are goning to delete old and inactive Clans, and make new pages for Clans. Now we shall get this wiki in shape. If you are joining a Clan, edit that page and add your cat to any of the ranks (warrior, apprentice, etc). I'd be happy to see this lost wiki grow again!


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  • A10

    Adopting This Wiki

    June 7, 2015 by A10

    Hi. I'm A10. I've been here a while and made some pages. I noticed that this wiki seemed lost. I'm looking forward to adopting this wiki and becoming an admin and a moderator. Anybody who would like to help by being an admin can say in comments. We'll also need rollbackers, maybe some moderators, and chat moderators (chat moderator request's will open once the chat becomes a daily thing). I'll be on the lookout.

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  • XxKiwimonsterxx

    Merry Christmas!!

    December 7, 2014 by XxKiwimonsterxx

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're enjoying the christmas-upcoming holiday! 

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  • Nightwing402


    November 22, 2014 by Nightwing402

    Welcome to the wiki! I hope you're enjoying yourself here. Feel welcome to join a Clan, roleplay or just chat at anytime you'd like! If you need some help getting started go to the Main Page.

    Here are some things to get you started.

    1. Join a Clan of your choice.
    2. Roleplay and help expand the wiki.
    3. Greet your friends and invite them here! There's no need to be shy, we welcome all!

    Here are some Clans you might like to join:







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