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The Dog Pack is a pack of dogs that live in a cave like den in WebClan territory. They are bloodthirsty and evil, a cats worst nightmare. The status is active.


The Dog Pack has members, here are some:

Leader: Thunder - dark grey and black dog with scars from cats- male- RPD' by A10


Snow- Young white dog with grey paws, pointy ears, and a grey belly - female- RPD' by A10

Razor: Dark black dog with lighter markings and razor sharp fangs/claws- male- RPD' by Flame


You can join by adding your wiki username, dogs name, appearance, gender, rank, and info about your dog:

Username: Flamestar22

Dogs name: Razor

Desc: Dark black dog with lighter markings and razor sharp fangs/claws.

Gender: Male 


Message to Flame: 

You have joined! 

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