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FlameClan is deep in the wild. Its camp is near a small area where small wildfires take place. FlameClan has a burned boundary to AquaClan, it looks like a straight line so everycat can know.


Status: active

Hunting Place: Pine Place

Territory Info: FlameClan has pine trees taller then WebClans. They have grass and sand.

Prey: Rabbits, moles, mice, and rats.

Predators: Skunks, foxes, wolves, badgers, and snakes.


Leader: Ratstar- Unknown appearance. RPD by Cat5. Is male.

Deputy: Skunktail- Black cat with skunk like tail. Is male. RPD by A10

Medicine Cat: Bluemoon- Blue grey female she-cat with a scar. Is very friendly. RPD by A10

Medicine Cat apprentice:



Goldclaw - Unknown appearance - RPD' by Goudclaw

Brambleleaf - Dark brown tabby tom with slick black tabby stripes and amber eyes. RP'D by: Flame




If you want to join this Clan, make a request below. Admins will read your joining request and make sure your request can approve.

Make something like this to write into:

Username: (add your wiki's username)
Cats Name: (add your clan cats name)
Rank: (add your rank of cat like a warrior, kit, apprentice, etc.)
Info: (tell info about your cat, add the color of your pelt and eyes, too)
Gender: (tell what gender you are, add tom if boy and add she-cat if girl)

Go under this line to say:


Username - PotatoJackson1Potatofur

Cat's name - Potatofur

Rank - Warrior

Info - Likes to eat. Potato-colored pelt. One foot is white, the rest are potato-colored. Shocking blue eyes.

Gender - She-cat


Username: Cat5

Cats Name: Ratstar

Rank: Leader

Info: Ratstar is grey with scars, has blue eyes, and has a big jaw.

Gender: Tom

Message to Cat

Hey Cat! You are now Clan leader of FlameClan!


Username: Goudklauw

Cats Name: Goldclaw
Rank: Deputy or Warrior
Info: Goldclaw has a gold-like pelt, Blue eyes with a mysterious look to it, and doesn't know anything about himself.
Gender: Tom

Message to Goudklauw:

You are now a deputy of FlameClan!


Username: Flamestar22

Cat's Name: Brambleleaf

Appearance: Dark brown tabby tom with slick black tabby stripes and amber eyes.

Rank: Warrior


Message to Flame:

Username: (SpitfireStorm)

Cat's Name:Winterpaw


Info: Beautiful Silver-White pelt and perrywinkle eyes with gray toes